About Me

My name is Finni, I was born in Padang – Indonesia in 1985.
I am the youngest child in my family with 3 siblings (2 twin brothers and 1 sister). I am a muslim (مسلم).
My latest education is Undergraduate  of Chemical Engineering (B.Sc.)
My blog will be according to my own opinion and some other sources.
I am trying to be logical and fair enough in writing my opinion based
on my religion/ideology/cultural/education background and the capacity of
my brain in understanding something. I think it’s ok if we sometimes
have different perspective about something. Every person has their own way/
capacity in processing many information. So with this condition of course
there would be some differences among us.  And you might be disagree with my opinion.

BUT, Let’s just focus on our similarity instead of our different ideas. Ok? 😉

FYI, currently I live in South Jakarta with my lovely husband and we are expecting for  our first child on this December 2014 or January 2015.


*Last edited July 2, 2014