How To Spot a Fake Fez Ergo Baby Carrier; from the Petunia Pickle Bottom series

Saat ini nggak hanya tas bermerk yang banyak diproduksi kualitas KW (tiruan) tapi gendongan juga. Penasaran deh gimana cara bedain yang asli sama yang KW. Salah2 ntar merasa udah beli yang asli (mahal bo).. eh ternyata itu barang tiruan/KW juga..


I have to say the fake is VERY close in a lot of ways. I wasn’t even SURE it was fake until I emailed pictures to ERGO and got it confirmed.

So take a look below, and always check your Ergos THOROUGHLY. Unless you got them directly from ERGO there is always a risk.

In general the real will be on the left and the fake on the right.


It’s easy to see that the real ergo (on the left) is wider, if you have a definite real one to compare with.


Not only that, but the fake is also shorter; having a shorter waistband. (Fake is over the Real)



The padding is thicker and squishy-er in the real on the left.


A quick comparison of the bottom of the box, reveals a lack of stickers on the fake.


The only difference I noticed here was the coloring. Most noticeably: If you look closely the “leaf” on the logo is very YELLOW on the fake (fake on right).


Again: If you look closely the “leaf” on the logo is very YELLOW on the fake, brownish in the real (fake on the bottom).


On the front the fake (on the right) has slightly blue tinge in person; something about it will seem off too you.


Also on this Fabric logo the fake is more purply (right), with the real (left) being a definite brown.



On the manual, the fake on the right has rather odd coloring and is fuzzy– clearly a print quality issue.

This is one of the things that was a red flag to me; even without having any real ergos to compare it with.


The logo on the manual is a little more red/maroon in the fake (on the right).


Same issues with the logo on the back of the manual; in person the printing quality of the fake (on the right) was inferior enough to increase my suspicions.


The buckles look IDENTICAL to me; I wouldn’t be surprised if they are really the same. Have the logo on the front and the WJ on the back of both (Real on the left tho; just in case someone can tell the difference!)


Real left


These are the tags found inside the pocket (for the hood).. when I just take it out normally the fake (right) is upside down… the font is slightly different too.


The real one (on the left) has a green sticker that says “PASSED METAL DETECTION”


Real on the left, is more circular; less ovular. With a more distinctly light blue (instead of, “Is that blue? or white) thread on the top of the logo design. The leaf also seems lighter in the real (left), at least in pictures.


Real sticker on registration card. (pic above this sentence)

More Pictures: Unless otherwise stated all pics below are real to the left, fake to the right


, Real above, Fake Below

 photo DSC05416_zpsdff6a1cb.jpg


 photo DSC05429_zpsc608c91c.jpg



Fake buckle above real


 photo DSC05423_zps026cd4f3.jpg

Fake button strap above. Real Below.


Fake Below.

 photo DSC05424_zps63a31f39.jpg

My major concern with the fake— and something to look out for; Is how easily the buckles slide around if you pull on them. With the real it is definitely harder— probably because the real webbing seems sturdier: less flexible; less soft. If the buckles can slide around easily like this — the danger is  real that it will also do this while wearing the carrier… If it does, your child could come loose & slip right out! So pull on your buckles; do they slide easily? That’s a big red flag. Take pictures & send it into ErgoSupport. They can tell you if your carrier is real or not. email:

Secondly– the stitching does not seem quite as close (but this is pretty hard to tell)… and the thread itself is probably of a lower quality (it seems slightly more fuzzy, while the real thread isn’t and has a slight sheen)… But I sew a good bit, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it were missed. However, having quality thread and tight, thoroughly reinforced stitching is pretty much one of (if not THE) most important things to insure a safe carrier. If the thread breaks the carrier breaks.

In a nutshell…

The Carrier


The buckles— are so identical I can’t tell them apart!

The fabric— they look AND FEEL the same to me.

So many other things are SO similar, but just slightly different… only in a few cases is there a large difference.

Differences: (Major safety concerns are bolded)

The webbing is soft & flexible on the fake; so is the real— but when you feel them both at the same time the real definitely seems sturdier. The major difference/concern is how easily the buckles slide on the fake.

The overall stitching on the real seems better: more closely spaced, more attention to detail, better thread & seemingly more reinforced.

The real carrier is wider & taller when the width of the  supportive belt is taken into account.

The supportive belt (waist section) is wider in the real one.

The safety elastic in the real is wider, and I’d say, tighter.

The real hood is larger— more like a square

The padding in the real is thicker & squishy-er (more squishy)

The tagging is slightly different & in the real– the tag inside the hood pouch has a sticker on the back in green that says: “PASSED METAL DETECTION”

In the real; the ORGANIC COTTON tag on the carrier is surrounded by more black

The fabric pattern is facing a different way.. this isn’t something I noticed until days later. It’s such a busy pattern it’s hard to tell. But look closely and you’ll see it’s true!

The light blue thread in the logo on the fake is lighter than the real…

There are some other small superficial differences that were shown in the pictures as well.

The Box & Manual

The printing quality is just overall better. See the pics more more details, but if you question the printing quality, that is a red flag too.

Check out these other blogs… for more things to look for in spotting a fake ergo.

To read more about my whole experience with the fake ergo (how/where I got it etc) click the link below or search for ergo, fez or something in my blog


3 thoughts on “How To Spot a Fake Fez Ergo Baby Carrier; from the Petunia Pickle Bottom series

  1. Ya ampun.. Gendongan jugak ada yang KW.. 😦 Tapi keliatan ngga rapi gitu ya Mbak, kalok yang palsu.. Jahitan plus busa dalam kainnya ngga mantep..

    • Karena kualitas KW (tiruan). Jadi jaminan keselamatannya kan juga nggak ada ya. Karena standar produksinya juga pasti bedalah yang meniru sama yang original.

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